New Dr_Ezekiel merch, new Minecraft server and our lack of DnD!


Lots of updates!!! First of all, we got new merch that just launched… Like 5 mins ago as of writing this. Go check that out!

The next item on the agenda is to shoutout Docs Yee Yee Minecraft server! We’re proud to host this server for his growing community. They’re been busy creating some really cool stuff, you should def check it out! It’s a public and free to use server running 1.14.4. You can join us using the url as the IP to the server. Also, make sure to check out this reddit post. Like it and help spread the word!

The last item on today’s agenda is our lack of DnD recently! We’re really sorry and just as bummed as you guys are, but sometimes we have lives and can’t all get together, especially during the holidays. We’re hoping to pick back up our Monday night (8PM EST) schedule on 1/20/2020. Come check out the stream and enjoy the show!

<3 BFnG