New site, new BFnG


This has been a long time coming folks, finally the highly anticipated (for us) new website and home of BFnG is here! Bask in all its glory! We’ve been busy behind the scenes reinventing ourselves and moving to a new era of the company. We’ve grown from our small roots and have begun blossoming into a beautiful tree with flowers and junk, fruit maybe? Not important.. What is important is all of the new and wonderful things we have to currently offer and what’s to come in our future. During our growth spurt, we’ve moved away from YouTube and have increased our presence on Twitch (even got affiliated!) as well as dabbled in creating and distributing music. We will make a return to YouTube at some point but with a fresh start on what our content will be. We even got a few new members like Tactical Neo, Ephie, Johnny Havok and Dr Ezekiel! Not to mention we have a freaking merch store now?!?!? MERCH STORE MERCH STORE…. did I mention we have a merch store? But seriously, this is a big deal for us and a huge step in the right direction for the future of BFnG. Check out what we have to offer, hopefully you find something you like. Feel free to make suggestions to us using the feedback bar on the right side of the screen or maybe our contact page. Not sure if you know this yet (you should!!!!) but we have an ongoing D&D campaign going every Monday (mostly) on Twitch starting at 8PM EST. We have big plans on producing podcasts and YouTube videos from it, so keep an eye out for that in the future. Check out below what other things we have coming up in the future!

  • Patreon and Patreon specific content here on the site
  • More member interaction stuff on the site like private messaging, friends list and other cool stuff
  • Podcasts (making a come back)
  • New unique YouTube content
  • Re-branding of BFnG
  • More public game servers
  • More music
  • Twitch overhaul (very much needed) which includes emotes and badges
  • More production on our D&D campaign (as mentioned above)

We hope to continue growing and doing new and more exciting things in the time to come. Hopefully you guys will stick by us during that time to not just watch us grow but also to help us and be apart of it as well.

With love,
Bad Fn Gamers